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Walid Saleh

RLG100Y1WORLD RELIGIONSReligion is the general theory of this world its encyclopaedic compendium its logic in popular form its spiritual point dhonneur its enthusiasm its moral sanction its solemn complement and its universal basis of Consolation and Justification It is the fantastic realization of the Human essence since the human essence has not acquired any true reality Karl MarxSeven Theories of Religion interesting readDaniel Pals3 Major Religious Traditions 1 Western Mediterranean traditions 2 Indic traditions 3 Chinese traditionsPresuppositions of Western Religious TraditionJewish ChristianMuslimHistorically all come from and located near the middle and near east They all have their origins in biblical Judaism and the Hebrew bible They all central myths like creation AdamEve God of Abraham and scripture etcThis includes God angels heavens above etc They believe in God as being transcendent you cannot see Him or touch Him and there is no manifestation of Him on Earth yet he manifests history This is very fundamentally important He shows himself by controlling human history He has a plan or a vision of what human history is about Moreover he does not tolerate other deities
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