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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

RLG100 Lecture 2 22:19 Judaism - basically first major monotheistic religion - ranges from ultra orthodox to secular Jews main creed of Judaism Shema basically boils down to the Lord is ONE - while Israel the nation did not exist well into the past, it still held significance in Jewish culture - a common term in Jewish tradition - Time and history holds importance to Judaism, i.e. god creating the universe, adam and eve etc these events happen in a sequence, a progression - later events assume the same type of sequence or progression. This is how we know history today - this is also reflected in the deep importance of ritual within Judaism First five parts of the Hebrew Bible the Pentateuch (five scrolls) The Torah (teaching) typically attributed to Moses These sacred texts are interpreted in different ways, both literally and metaphorically as well as the historical-critical approach th - this historical-critical approach started in the 19 century.. some german dude was the first to take a look at the Pentateuch and rather than accept that Moses was totally responsible for it figured that it was divisible into four distinct sources - Yahwist (J) - Elohist (E) - Deuteronomic (D) - Priestly (P) Genesis (creation, beginning..start) - story of creation, Adam and Eve etc. can vary in translation and religion. Different parts are emphasized - Noah and the Ark.. this story is found in many different traditions. This story sets the stage for and important thing, and agreement made between God and his people - Tower of Babel reference to Babylon.. tower located In modern Iraq Abraham the first Patriarch, father of Judaism - the notion of convenant (i.e. the covenant Abraham made with God) is marked by circumcision in Judaism **connection her between myth and ritual five Patriarchs.. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Joseph, Moses - Jacob was renamed Israel (struggle with God) Hebrew ancient language Hebrews followers of Abraham
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