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Laury Silvers

RLG384 November 20, 2012 Lecture - Paper meeting, no off topic papers - Be more advanced in topic and thinking - Come to meeting with a number of suggestions on how you’ll proceed - Evidence you are giving this some thought - Taylor reading multiculturalism - Politics of recognition as black gay man - Taylor text: what is the question that motivates the discussion, it is a historical discussion of sorts - How do identity and recognition come to be linked so closely in the world - Linked because non recognition/ miss recognition cause harm: low self-esteem - Women, blacks, and homosexuals - Model that preceded this model: traditional case - How do you understand inner moral voice? - Can you have an identity when you don’t have a concept of identity? - In the past people didn’t think in terms of identity, they thought of social roles - No other source of identity except for social roles/ hierarchy - Negotiating your story with the story you want others to tell about you is where identity and recognition become virtually inseparable - Don’t have that identity unless others seem to recognize it (vice versa) - Preferential esteem- acknowledge somebody is above you by the way you address them - System of equal esteem (opposite of preferential) -
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