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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Ben Wood

Lecture 7 How to Write Tutorial •in text styles (MLA) do not require footnotes, only a reference list at the end •citing lectures (Chicago) : Stacy D'Erasma, "The Craft and Career of Writing" (lecture, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, April 26, 2000) •Citing authors quoting authors (Chicago) : As Smith claims, "Religion is solely the creation of the scholar's study) •when there are only 3 pages, limit yourself to the ideas you put into the paper •make sure there is evidence for the points you put down •a document that was created at the time of the event by people who were observers - primary sources - such as: original documents, creative works, relics or artifacts •secondary sources are works that are one step remove from the original event or experience and provide criticism or interpretation of a primary source (textbooks, biographies, encyclopedias) Lecture on Gender •a number of feminist writers argue that religion is always profoundly oppressive and harmful to women •Mary Daly argues that the concept of belief in a male deity leads to profound sexual inequalities •burning of witches and widows - this is how religion was seen as by feminist writers - which is one reason why it led to feminist women to believe that religion is profoundly oppressive •Nye says that "it is intellectually dishonest and also incomplete, to assume that what is being said from talking mainly to men, or reading texts written predominantly by men about male experiences, is somehow representative in an inclusive way of both men and women" •Patriarchy is the organization of societies so that men tend to exert a large degree of control and power over women •Mary Daly has singled out religion as a basic element of patriarchy •A Marxist approach understands the control of women by those in power through a male God as a tool to oppress women •Daly was an American feminist philosopher •described herself as a radical lesbian feminist Daly's notes from Nye: •women suffer under male control •women suffer through worshipping a male God that men have forced on them •women's particip
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