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Matthew King

Class 3 Sept 26/09/13 Freud and the interpretation of religion Last 2 pgs of intro produce questions about who what when where why Blog assignment: identify example of religion in the public sphere Paper: due in 2 weeks from today – oct 10 Class: Freud and his circle got very interested in questions of religion - Had wacky ideas - His ideas about personality, reducing and imbedding religion in the psy, sexual person we all are  got ppl talking about what it means to be human - Lays out a way to interpret and analyze culture - Creative outside who stirred up the way of thinking - sets up the vision of an individual in society, good for ppl who like to think about culture and individuals. - Sets up a view of society that is viewed today  individuality Ideas btw Tylor and Frazer & Freud - Unconscious is freud’s advention (something we take for granted now - Explain how religion started - Express Eurocentric view of religion  generalizes religion o Western concept of God o A paradigm of “high” religion and Christianity - Ask question about the origions of religion o What to understand what the religious experience can boil down too.  A moment in the past?  Basic psychological past  Find a primal cause for religion - Tylor found the original religious moment as a rational but missed place belief in the world o Find basis in the world in logic o Founding moment is ancient human beings trying to interpret experiences  Dreams  Death  We will all dream and we will all die  Both of these still require explination just like they did 10000 years ago - Frazer’s original moment is magic o Controlling nature and natural process o Misplaced logic  Use different magic – drawings, sounds, dances  Primitive science - Religion is a primitive science - Freud o Religion is not about science it is about neurosis o Not logical or rational but rather expression of neurotic  it is irrational - Totem and Taboo o Wacky moments about killing of a father and incest  Substantial  A meditation of psych. – informs the way we think about our fathers, death, facing terrors of being human. Religion is just part of this all. o Original moment is founded in his idea of a totem:  A Totem: a plant or object ect. That becomes a god.  A figure head, mascot  A form of idol worship  An absent father (after son killed him) o Built on guilt, anxiety ect. o The edapist concept  a Frued original moment  Brothers band together to kill father, eat him and gain his power  Wife is now subject to the son.  Now brothers don’t trust each other so they decide to stop the violence and sexual desires and create a series of taboos - These taboos become social norms o Prohibition about incest, killing father o For frued this is our psychological inheritance  To act on these taboos the band of brothers turned their father into a god and worship him.  Creation of religion according to freud about a supernatural being - Frued’s idea that this is all about a craving for power and sex o A remedy for guilt. - Oedipus o Married mom, killed his dad and blinds himself o Greek methodology Oedipus Rex –Shakespeare story - Frued calls his theory the Oedipus complex for evident regions o Frued heard this theory on the therapist couch  Became science and a new way of psychology o Let ppl talk about dreams and memories and let the story grow  Let the trained therapist “reconstruct” suppressed memories o Get patients out of their wired neurosis o Frued is a reductivess and wants to explain religion as a single cause  The function of religion is to keep the social complex together  Focuses on the function of religion as a single moment  What religion does in terms of society  consequences  Since for frued religion functions as a social and society consequence  Marx and Durkeim are different  religion is a social order Future of an illusion - Thinks of religion as a child like imagination to safeguard themselves from being human o Was always a male never female - Religion as a father figure o Fearing god = super ego  Internalized and check point against evil - Frued society and social evultion is an image of religion, since religion still exist the world has not progressed very far. o Very linear thought o Those scared of new experiences, being away from parents ect. Created an “ID” - Personality and Neurosis o ID: unconscious part of our experience  Below the water, urges, thoughts, desire, reaction, no reality check all you want is sex and violence  V
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