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Matthew King

We as human make authoritative claim about the world around us  representation model Two substances thinking and physical world which are complete separate, so how can a thinking world make claims about the physical world (Renee dacart?) We become sceptacal about the claims we make about the world, how do we get outside the thinking and get to the world?  All the info we get from the physical world is suspect, things look differently close than far away  The only way we can claim to know is to ignore all info from our senses, so Renee doubts absolutely anything (sense, religion ect.)  To get away from his doubt he says there is one thing he can’t doubt:  “I think therefore I am” o Can’t doubt that there is something that is doing the doubting “i doubt therefore i am” o Step back from experience  Someone else steps back and says experience is all we have. And we can only know what we know from experience  The question is how to get away/around the problem of mind vs matter Sceptics doesn’t leave the world but says experience is all we have and tries to analysis what experience tells us. - Analyze experience itself - The science of appearances (phenomenology) - Not self evident that there is a problem - Phenomenology tries to ask why is there actually a problem, (analyzes experience and doesn’t give any predisposition factors) - QUOTE: Emin Hurseral 20 century phenomenological o “this is the principles of principles: to the principle of phenomenology to every whatever present itself to us is inturition and before we thought about it is to be a gift to us”  Experience is being presented with things / stuff  To operate this stuff is its own authority for knowledge and we are to take it as it is o Bracketing def? o We don’t discard REENY we space things according to their existence  just think of them as the way they present themselves  We don’t analyze things according to space of time rather the way in which the
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