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Lecture 15

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University of Toronto St. George
Pamela Klassen

Enlightenment Toleration and LibertyThe reformation backgroundThe EnlightenmentEstablished religion and the PuritansJohn Locke What is toleration letting people doing their own thing and their own practices as long as it is not harming other people in the society while doing itIe tolerating same sex marriage in Canada it is a good thing to have toleration for other peoples religious beliefsIt is double edged it permits freedom but there is always a group who is doing the permitting one group is still in power Toleration led to liberal society Established church the church has the state behind them like in EuropeWho were thinkers in the reformation Sola scriptura people can interpret the bible on their own people have to tolerate peoples interpretations Erasmus he was a catholic and a humanist which Martin Luther and others drew fromBartholome de las casas in the new world tried to stop the violence of the Indians Martin Luther posted his 95 theses wanted religious diversity within Christianity In some cases the humanists and the sceptics were the ones who were not tolerant within religion not due to their dogma but because they did not believe religion as a whole Thirty Years War against Catholics and Protestants Partly religious violence they did not approve of toleration Marin Luther Sola Scriptura he is developing churches and he has alliances with various churches and he is growing towns to be
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