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Pamela Klassen

RLG203 Lecture SixMonasticism Relics and Pilgrimage Asceticism and Monasticismcomes from Greek word that means exercise practice how to be someone or do something differentHas a profound effect on ChristianityMinority of Christians wanted to be Ascetics Christianity wouldnt have continued if everyone were ascetic because there would be no future generations of ChristiansIts not just Christian but it can be Buddhist and HinduNot just the body but the will and soul as well very Christian notionTo obtain a more spiritual life or virtuous stateDenial of sensual and profane activity general bodily function fasting sexual continence vows of poverty not caring about wealth seclusion of isolation and selfinflicted pain could be physical or mentalThere are the extreme ascetics and lay people who take these in moderationA group of men and women literally followed Paul and they withdrew from the town and went and lived in cavesMonasticism Greek word meaning a solitary singleminded or celibate person once Ascetics get together in a group they become monasticsThey form communities and it was also important to the early Christian leaders wouldnt let ascetics go out to themselves without supervisionThey are Charismatic and they could form their own Church that would pose a threat to the authorityCurve the antifamily rhetoric it provides a new root of authority for womenYou could have your own spiritual revelation that can change you through your body give you your own sense of religious authority All kinds of concerns that come up with the growth of monasticismIt becomes institutionalized representing Jesus
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