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Pamela Klassen

RLG203 lecture twoy Hallelujah DAVID AND BATHSHEBAy Judaism in the GrecoRoman Era y Hellenistic Philosophical Movements effects of the dominance of the Greeks under Alexander importance of Greek as he lingua franca of the regioneveryone would be philosophers in his empire and all would speak Greek even for Jews and even within the Roman EmpireThe Jews adopted Hellenistic ways and many had actually forgotten how to speak Hebrew y Mystery Cults and Cults of Personal Salvation y Reading the Hebrew Bible through Christian Eyesy There were people who could do miracles and could challenge the state at the time of Jesus y Judea was the client state of the Roman Empire they had their own kings but they had given their loyalty to Rome and he Empire of Rome y Emperor had final say in Israel and the religious affairs that went on thereJews were allowed to practice their own religion as long as they followed tax laws and followed the government Caesary Common Judaism was the practice for the common Jews sacrifice was a main aspect of this religion and they would eat the animal that was sacrificedFeasting was a good way to define their religionrdsty Septuagint Hebrew bible translated into Greek 3 to 1 century BCE Jewish didnt like this Hellenization because they were losing their own re
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