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Sept 20

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Pamela Klassen

Christian Real Trad Current Events China many underground christian churchessome authorized ones chinese man came to canada from underground catholic church because he was unable to be truly catholiclooking for refugee statuswas quizzed by tcdsb about the biblehe got many correct some marys grandmother questions wronglawyer went to the supreme courtlady shouldnt have turned him down because of catholic triviaEarly Christianity Jewish and GrecoRoman contextsJudaisms in the GrecoRoman EraHellenistic Philosophical MovementsMystery Cults and Cults of Personal SalvationReading the Hebrew Bible through Christian eyesThere are many stories from the same time as Jesus that are the same as Jesus who arent Jesuscould be written after jesus and easily been influenced by jesus1901 book by George R S Mead a Theosophist wrote a book about a guy similar to jesusChristianity had many components that turned into what it is today priestly political book ch 1 Jews were allowed to practice their religion as long as they kept paying taxes and acknowledged the Roman emperor as their own Second Temple Judaism common judaism centered around sacrifice then youd eat the sacrifice but first itd be given to god youd also share the food a good jew never eats food sacrificed to other gods Hellenistic Judaism hellenization effects of the dominance of the Greeks under Alexander
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