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Sept 27

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Pamela Klassen

Christianity JesusPaulHistorical Jesus and the Historical Paulthe Jesus Seminarpaul was short and uglyhighlandacademyorgSources for JesusPaulJesusnothing written by Jesusthe more the stud the less they knowMain sources Saying Sources Q Gospels ExtraCanonical gospels 4 gospelswritten long after jesus diedGospel of Thomas PaulLetters Galatians Romans 12 Corinthians Philippians Philemon 1 Thessalonians Maybe Colossians and Ephesians Letters are one on one communications epistles are for the public Pseudepigraphical letters writing letters as if theyre paul but theyre not actually paul Gives message some authority Actsstories about the beginnings of christianity after jesuspartly about what paul does on his travels ExtraCanonical writing eg Acts of Paul and Thecla What do the Biblical Texts sayJesus in Mark and Matthew Unlikely that Mark actually wrote stuffbetter idea of paulcommunities that Paul writes to werent Christian communities because Christianity wasnt a thing yet Usually Jews or Gentilepagan end of 1st century is when we first hear the word Christian Paul never met Jesus except in a vision apostlesdisciplessame thing Paul often called by Catholics St PaulProtestants call him The Apostle Paul
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