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Oct 11

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Pamela Klassen

Neon Bible Arcade firehttpwwwbeonlinebcomCurrent EventsOccupy Wall StreetBlessed are the poor signs Constantine Councils and CreedsConstantine and imperial ChristianityThe urge for unityCreedal rootsTwo creeds Apostles Creed and Nicene CreedDiscussionConstantine 283337 ceBecomes Roman emperor in 312 ceConstantines conversionlife of constantine written ca 336339 CE by church historian Eusebius 260340 CE conversion happenssees a vision witnessed a miraclewhole army witnessedand believes that god is real not sure which god to believehis mother was a christianhe goes with christian god calls for his dream to be interpreted bishop that he called said youre one of the righteous kings of the old testament constantine gets a really genuine interest in christianity Constantines Christian effectsDeclared Edict of Milan in 313allows church to own landbuild as many churches as they can affordmore legitimatedecision with long term circumstances constantine decides he wants to get rid of pagansCalled council of Nicaea in 325Established Constantinople as a new rome a second urban political centre of Christianity 330Patron to Christian groups financing St Peters in Rome and the Church os the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalembuilt on top of where jesus was crucified
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