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November 23 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Bryant

November 23 2011Charismaundergo a certain dynamicOnce a tradition is in place it will satisfy the needs of people depending on the master type of religiosityNot satisfiedcharismatic virtuoso types need on more intense levelTo satisfy bothcreating a monastic orderCharisma is unstablehistory is filled with more charismatic figures who failed than succeeded For charisma to be a lasting forceneeds to be institutionalized and stabilizedcharisma has to become part of the everyday workings of the movementTrying to spread the wordif successful people will convertthose people needed more than their old tradition offeredwilling to endure some degree of discrimination The movement becomes an institutionRichard BullietScurvenoted that there was a clear statistical pattern in these regionsfundamental principle about convert situationspeople will be different in the social attributes and historio5 groups of converts1 innovatorsfirst people to join the new religionvery intense people and committed 2 Early adaptorsSocial marginalitylow status farm background a lot of women joining a new religious movement 3 Early majorityhigher social standings The late majorityover 50 of the population 5 elite and aristocratsWeberSects and ChurchesDistinct types of religious intensity 1 and organizational patterns 2New religious movements get going because of the greater mobilization that it offers The usually announcement asking more etcPeople in a sect say that they have been calledenlightenedThose peoplepurity regulationbelieve they are apart of new productionChurchsacred words people dont what to live their lives in a religious mode Transition from sect to churchwith a church type of religiositypurification goes down All you have to do is be loyal to the ChurchIn the sectyou can only find perfection and bliss if you are capable of it yourself We will encounter new religious movementsbehavioral conduct etc
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