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November 9, 2011 Lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Bryant

120326 107 AM Homosapiens c 250 000 bce cro magnons c 40 000 to 10 000burial customs deceased interred near their shelters or camps or in grottoes stone slab cover ornamental shellsjewelry stone tools foodcharred animal bones at the site signal a commemorative feastevidence for reburial of the bones after decomposition use of red ochre earth from iron ore for coloring red as symbol of blood the life forcecave paintingsa rich artistic display typically located in the deepest of cavesso not likely for home decorationscenes animals of the hunt with spears and dartsmagicalreligioussuperimposed imagesto renew control powera shaman a masked figure long beard wearing stag antlers bear paes horse tail custodian of spirit a mediator as one who knows c 13 000 BCEfertility symbolsclay figurines animal sacrifice c 15 000 BCE a deer is sunk in lake having been tied to stones2 fundamental forms of religiosity1 Attempts to control or influence events through symbolic actions either anticipatory ie establish magical power over the animals to be hinted or commemorative to win favorable future for the dead or appease them2 efforts to gain supernatural favor or support from the spirit powers thru offeringsPrehistoric Religion high mortality rates short life spans
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