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January 11, 2012 Lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Bryant

Jan 11 2012 120326 130 AM Webers SectChurch dynamicsects and churches are oriented toward a distinctive typed of religious intensity or experience and b competing organizational expressions and membership standardsagainst an existing religious tradition new religious movements begin by recruiting from those seeking a higher truth a more intense experiencethey are unfulfilled uninspired by tradition and so are willing to risk joiningexplorings something newSECTa voluntary association of those who have been called chosed enlightened inspired who are thus charismatically qualifiedcommonly follow exacting purity requirements engage in intensive spiritual activity zealous commitment to the faithtrue believers virtuoso or heroic standards of religiosity for the membersa visible community of saints hoi hagioi the holy ones hoi eklektoi the chosenPauls struggle to being in Gentile converts postolic Decree c49 CE in Acts 15 renders this compromiseabstain from pollutions of idols from fornication from things strangled and from blood 1 idolatryapostasy 2 adulteryfornication 3 murdermortal sinsno need for circumcision or adherence to full Levitical ritualWeber The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalismbroader projectto explore the economic relevance of diverse religious traditions ie there were spiritual obstacles that long served to restrain the emergence of societies and cultures dominated by economic interests and practicesthe Protestantism and modernity connection capitalism science democratization and the culture of individualism
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