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October 5, 2012 Lecture

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Joseph Bryant

1052011 30900 PM Most theoretical perspective on religion offer variations on 2 fundamental insightsReligion as projectionreflection that is representations understandings of the divine or transcendent correspond to aspects of particular socialhistorical conditionshuman beings are reflecting upon themselves in imagining the divine realmReligion as social controlthat is religions are part of the power structures of society and functions to legitimize existing hierarchies while also disciplining and controlling the members of the group or societyWith PROJECTION THEORY the divine is modeled after the human orderour hopes fears desires practices etc find reflections and legitimization in the depiction of a divine orderWith SOCIAL COTROL THEORY the divine functions as a form of supernatural police monitoring human conduct rewarding and inflicting punishmentsnow or later here or in the beyondafterlife or heavenhell distinctions provide political moral support for the worldGet the info ob these dudes Xenophanes Aristotle KLudwig Feuerbach 180472 offers a historicalphilosophical analysis of religion The Essence of Christianity1841 his bookTheology is anthropology divine predicates are human based on a na imaginary projectionFeuerbach holds the humans project onto the Divine all their highest hopes and their anxieties as is revealed by the predicates commonly attached to
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