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Estimate of Demography of Christian Expansiion Roman Empire total: 50- 60 million c. 100 CE less than 50,000 Christians ( 4 millions jews) = -0.1% of total pop c. 250 CE perhaps 1 million Christians ci. 300 CE perhaps • converts were said to be awakened and reborn. a transformative redemption that scured an inmediate bestowal of charis or grace and the promise of eternal salvation • spirtual rebirth was achieved through Baptism , a sacred cermonial that functioned as a ritual of intiation rite of purification ( washing away all prior sins ) and also as a means of spirtual reconsitution empowerment the believer is infested with the Holy spirit of God, a gift or endowment the consitutes not only a pledge of future “ deliverence from death” but also an instalment of grace and power that enables the Christan to live in the “ newness” of a spirtual life. Through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, the be- liever experiences love of God and the attending joys and powers of faith, as expressed in vitous moral conduc, altruistic solidarity with co-believers, and in ecstatic manifesta- tions of grace ( like speaking in tongues ) Forgiveness and Penance: 1. the gospels present Christ as granting His disciples the charistmatic power of “ bind- ing and lossing” sins” 2. the value of merc and forgiveness is affrimed in a number of scriptural passages; 3. the tradtional Jewish atonmemt pratices of alsm- giving , fasting, and prayers are fre- quently enjonied the faithful and 4. there are serveral exhortations to open confessions before the assembled congrega- tion as to what kind of sins are to be forgivne and how ofen and through whom and by what means on the issues there remained considerable uncertainty and dispute HARDLINES RIGORISTS ( they insist upon cirtuosos standards) • Pauls injuctions to expel gross sinners from the communityy: • i have written into u not to associate with any man that is called a brother if he be a forincator or covetous or an idolator or a railer or a drunkard or a thief may with such u are not even to share a meal • there is no forgivness for sins you committed after baptisim • all manners of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men but the blashpemy against the spirit shall not be forgiven •so if you still from some1, they can be forgiven •if sin against the spirit those cant be forgiven WAVERING SAINTS the DIPSYCHOL and the CRISIS of POST- BAPTISMAL SIN • maintaining virtuoso standards of purity and holiness became increasingly diffcult as the ranks of the faithful were augmented by less zealous converts, and as doubts and ancieties were generated by contin
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