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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Bryant

Novemeber 3, 2010 Sociology of Religion-Lecture #7 Outline of World Religion Histroy Phase One:“Pre History” • paleolitic Era. c.2.5. million years to c. 10,000 BCE • human evolution australopithecines( 4million yrts bP) -> homo habilis (handy/ skilled) -> erec- tus = developing biopedalism brain enlargment, decling sexual -> tools language , hunting & gater- ing • homo sapiens from c.250,000 BCE out ofAfrica into Eurisa • Mesolitic Era c. 10,000 to 7,000 nomadism -> village life, grain cultivation • neolitic ear c. 7,000 to 3,500 - settled agriculture,domestication of plants and animals pottery, wheeled carts, first major towns: Catalboyak, Jericho etc.. = the period of aborginal or primontial religion • when human population being to settle down • animals in the canian species -> humans doesmticate [animism (tyler), naturism, acestor cult, totemism, earth mother as ferlitlity and grain goddess] Phase Two: History and the Rise of the State • the first civilization in the great river valleys the Fertile Crescent, the Nile, the Indus and Ganges, the Huang He and Yangtze rivers • metalhugy,writing and record-keeping, astromony and calenders, complex divison of labor arti- san and merchants, trade, private property, cities -> rising wealth and population • need for greater control, organziation and protection • state formation= hierachical sturctures of commad (hereditary) rule by kings their officals (bureaucy) and thier royal troops or armies and aritocrtaic elits • = the emergence of polytheistic religions [ with identifiable gods and goddesses, religions knowledge conveys in mythology and art; emer- gence of professional priesthoods, responisble for doctrines, manging rituals etc.] Indai China Middle East Greece & Rome (Mespotamia/Egypt) [ prehisotrical inhertiances:Animism, Naturism,Ancestor Cult] ->-> (Isreal & Perisa emerge later) Hindusim Polythesim Judasim -> Janism + Zorosastrianism -> Buddhism Danism Confuicansion -> -> Christianity ->-> Tibet China, Koera Japan SEAsia -> Islam
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