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February 2, 2012

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February 2 12 ApocalypseApocalyptic Literature ApocalypseGreekunveilingApocalyptic literature originated in Second Temple Period among ancient Judeans c200BCE and later Christians 100CEvisions of the endoftheageProvides an answer to question why do Gds people suffer and feel oppressedGd is in control but Gd has temporarily given control to forces of evilGd would intervene to destroy forces of evil and usher in his kingdomthus Gd is ultimately in controlApocalyptic literature written in times of distress and oppression real or perceivedprotest the present order of things and the power that maintain it Function to encourage those who are feeling oppressed to keep the faithBook of Revelation aka Apocalypse of JohnFinal text of the New Testament Written around 95CEWritten by John from Asiaminor Modern day TurkeyJohn describes encounter with exalted ChristScroll with seven seals Only Jesus can open the sealsEvery time he breaks a seal a disaster strikes the earth upon the opening of each sealBreaking of seventh seal brings seven more disastersAppearance of the first beast the antichrist and his false prophetThe Great TribulationCosmic battle between Christ and his heavenly armies and the antichrist Jesus winsAntichrist is thrown into pitJesus and true believers rule the earth for 1000 yearsSatan then released temporarilyFinal judgment New Jerusalem created Futuristic Interpretations of Apocalyptic Texts
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