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january 12, 2012

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University of Toronto St. George

Religion and Film 1122012 45700 PM January 12 2012MovieO Brother Where Art ThouWritten by the Coen brothers and HomerReferring to the OdysseyClaimed that it is only marginally based on the epicWritten between 725675 BCEOdysseusCunningProphecy Odysseus journey home will be long and dangerousAn encounter with people who eat Lotus fruit Some of Odysseus men taste the fruit and in a state of bliss forget that they are on a journey homeThe Cyclops Stabs his eyePolyphemusOdysseuss Katabasisjourney to the underworldThe SirensPoseidon the sea god Odysseus antagonistPolyphemuss father is PoseidonPenelopes suitors Theme of recognition Disguised as beggartricks the suitorsarcher competitionPenelope knows he is Odysseus bc he knows that their bed is made of a certain woodO Brother Where Art ThouOld man on railway gives them prophecy Man is blind like the prophet in the Odyssey Fate rewarding themlike the fates in Ancient Greek MythologyCongregation in the woodsLotus Fruit eatersBaptistsOne of the people with Odysseus figure Delmar symbolizing the men listening to the sirens songAfter stealing the carPete sees 3 women bathing and singingsirensCirce turns Odysseuss men into pigsDelmar thinks Pete is a frogBig Dan T PolyphemusThe head of policePoseidonrain and thunder symbols of water and seaFall down the hillkatabasistrip to the underworldKills Polyphemus at the KKK meeting Fiery cross kills him
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