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The Gospel of Mark

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John K.

thOctober 13 2010The Gospel of MarkStory of constant conflict between Jesus and his opponentsTriangular relationship between Jesus his opponents and the crowds Story makes it clear that Jesus is destined to die at the hands of his enemies appears in the narrative early This is the divine plan element of predestinationClaims divine son ship MessianicDisclosed yet always misunderstoodHe wants to argue that Divine son ship is an unusual kind and that is why people oftenAuthor claims that Jesus death and vindication is somehow connected to the death of the Temple a parallel between the fate of the temple and the fate of Jesus A story which imagines Divine transformation uses the term the Kingdom of God The Kingdom has come repentThe kind of belief set that he is evoking is Apocalyticism Apocalypses unveiling a disclosure The Book of Daniel 714 thZechariah Jubilees 1 Enoch 2 Baruch and 4 EzraThe presence of evil in the world is a result of some primeval fault a fault among humans or a battle among angels Apocalypticist believed that the wrong king is on the throne and there is something dysfunctional they never give up on the idea that God is ultimately in control so they look forward to when God is going to correct this faultGod is in control in such away that
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