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Gospel of John

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John K.

thNovember 24 2010 The Gospel of JohnIn the synoptic gospels Jesus seems concerned with concealing his identity whereas in John it seems as though the entire gospel is concerned with declaring his identity as the son of god John writesVery little overlap between John and the Synoptics It is very difficult to create a four gospel synopsis because John contains material very different from the synopticsAll four have John the BaptistThe disruption cleansing of the temple Occurs at the end of Jesus life in the synoptics and likely the reason why he is arrested Whereas in John it occurs at the beginningMultiplication of the loavesSpecial recognition of Jesus by PeterAll contain a Passion narrative John contains narratives of a synoptic typehealing raising of the dead etc However the details are very different In John it is the resurrection of Lazarus which is why he is executedDuration of Jesus ministryIn the Synopticsonly one Passover is mentioned In John Three Passovers are mentioned twothree years of public activityThe Timing of the Death of JesusIn the synoptics the last supper is explicitly said to be a Passover MealMarkLate evening of Nisan 14 They find the empty tomb on Nisan 17In JohnJesus is executed on the day of Preparation me
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