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Jesus Cults

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John K.

thJanuary 26 2011Jesus CultsChange in the ethnoculturalAs we look to Pauls letter there is no attention apid to anything Jesus said or did Almost no references to Jesus miracles and very little to what he actually said None of that seems terribly important to PaulThe significance of Jesus is comparable to a mystery cult Pauls emphasis will be on the death and resurrection of Jesus as a cosmic eventRather then folowing a jewish teacher the partisans of the Pauline Christ cults are following a cosmic storyof Jesus death and resurrectionand as participants in this movement it changes the way you live People can believe in that story and be changed by itShift in galilean Transformation of a traditionally Jewish movement in a jewish environment to a largely gentile Jesus cult Involves abandoning of the Markan Jesus Tension between Jewish believers who still observe Mosaic law and the gentile Christians in a greek context Luke represents Paul in Acts as someone who would go into the synoguoges find converts get kicked out convert Gentiles and then gets kicked out of town Paul sees himself as an apostle to the gentilesGreek religiosity Gods run in the blood if you came from Athens your god was Athena If you live in Eph
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