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Walid Saleh

Christianity - during the 2nd temple, there were many different Jewish movements branched out but all had the same expectation of the King "the anointed one" - Christianity started as a Jewish movement, Jesus was a Jew - Jesus was a preacher, had controversial ideas, had disciples, was crucified - the religion revolves around Jesus and his death and resurrection - Jesus was living under roman rule in Palestine - what we know about Jesus is in the first gospels - the book of John is more spiritual than factual 10 important things about Jesus - he is lineage of David - born from a virgin - was foretold/prophecies in the Old Testament - was a miracle worker - proclaims himself the messiah - bringing the kingdom of God, was a proclaimer - started the end of time phenomena - preached with parables - was a criticizer (had a lot to denounce) - presents itself as the fulfillment of the scripture Christianity continued - the night before his death, he held a vigil - his death is a sacrifice for all sins and propitiatory - all about new things, new creation, new covenant, new israel - early christianity was radical - he was the sa
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