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Dec 5th india

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Walid Saleh

Dec 5 : India  The Vedas (knowledge), the earliest layer of this tradition  Vedic religion; when practiced 600 BCE  5 characteristics; fundamental  Nothing escapes our creations (Vedas- three ways)  Vedas; infused with the concept of warrior religion (upper class)  Sacrificial ritual- was effective; the universe functions because of the sacrifice  Naturism: in which the gods were not separate from nature  This functions wells until you are settled in cities (not nomadic)  The issues of violence where intense  The three religions from Vedas o Jainism- no Vedas o Buddhism- no Vedas o And Hinduism – kept Vedas in different ways  Upanishads – Indic world; share foundations  Annide:  Time comes like a wave in Jainism, Hinduism is in cycles  Time of total perfection; humans comprehending deep knowledge o They can listen to the Vedas of the universe  Bad time we are living in Kali o Diseases, violence, this time will we end in a catalytic end o From there comes a new creation  The four cycles: o Creta uga o Threa uga o The para uga o Kali uga  Pralaya = total destruction of the universe; then new beginning called Sarga (not from nothing, just less)  Each cycle takes a long time  Samsara = running/flowing together, endless process; the waves of life o Fundamental; our experience of the existence o Existence is the problem o The world is unsatisfactory o To be in this samsara is a problem  Samsara is the cycle of birth and death; this realm of flux ; experienced by every creature o Unsatisfactory  Reincarnation = Punar Janma o The soul wears a body like a cloth o Transformation from one to another doesn’t mean its over/destroyed o We push time along its path o Your karma determines where yo
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