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Religion lecture 3

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Walid Saleh

Dority September 24th Religion Lecture 3: o Tutorials will be every other week; divided into sections o Hebrew word for bible: “berit” o For today- look at Passover in the textbook o What are the 8; there are 9 (symbolism) o Torah, has a specific and general meaning (5 books of Moses, compared to the whole bible, very general- it’s the law) o In this class we usually refer to it as the 5 books of Moses o Penta – 5 (5 books) o The tower of babel; build a tower to reach the lord from phipoliean islands to here in North America o But then the lord destroyed the tower; mainly he created languages so we couldn’t operate (story in Genesis) o “The flood” to Abraham, then the families stories; from very cosmic to very individual (in Genesis) o The word bible has two meanings; Judaism vs. Christianity o Psalm 23; the lord is my Shepard; our English language is mirrored by this language and writing o Solomon; the women fighting over who is mother of the child o When you travel to Europe; all the ancient art etc, is religious based o What is Passover as ritual and festivity- EXAM o Israel – Israelite = Jewish o Covenant (genesis chapter 12); o RJudadiam: the response to the destruction of the temple (as it was considered holy) o What did it say- the sanctity of Israel is no longer focused on the temple, but on the people (“Am Israel”) o The vary people themselves are holy and sanctified; although the temple is destroyed the holiness of Israel is destroyed- it lives on within the people o The people become the medium through which God acts o “Now possible to serve God without the temple” by obeying the Torah, and/or following the law o RJ insists on the upholding of the law (both as the group and individually) o The destruction of the temple now allowed the Jewish people to be their own “priestly-ness” o Book of this new movement is the “Mishna (h)” in Hebrew (law book aka Digest of Law) o Dual Torah; Sinai (God gave Torah to Moses) but RJ says there is also a written AND oral Torah (both given to Moses form God) o Rabbit Judaism is called so as they are stated by the rabbis o The initial statement of RJ is that “to understand the order, you must understand the world”- the sanctity of Israel is because things are ordered with meaning and a name Dority September 24th o Therefore the reading Mishnah, is important as it is meaning through its order o Mishnah states: Humanity is center of creation. If you do good, it sanctifies the world (therefore two processes sanctification, or desecration- defile or impure) o Meaning, creation is centered on humanity and it viewed with autonomy so that every individual can respond to the covenant (so now you have to respond to it or refuse it) o Human will expressed though human action is the power in the world as it can both sanctify and desecrate the world; thus the Mishnah formulates that will and deed constitute what create mvt. In the world and act on human autonomy o Two components of human power– will and deed (man therefore is the master of the this world- we are responsible for ourselves; keeping or breaking the covenant) o Then Israel remains in its people, way of life, land, food and its mode of sustaining life (no need for temple, or sacrifice, or
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