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Arti Dhand

RLG LEC 6 sty 1 ch of gensis creation nd2man and women create rd3fall of man y And the chapters 11 in genesis relate a story of human arrogance and human ambition y God is interested in human kind in genesis he is concerned He wanted Adam and Eve to love and obey God so they could tell the rest of the population about God y Abraham st1 patriarchhe was willing to act in the way god expected from humanityloveobey God genesis 22 Abrahams sacrifice of God to sacrifice his son Issac God tested his trust in god and faith God chooses Abraham chooses him as a new community and gets into a covenant with him covenant contractpromise God agrees to bless Abraham and his decedents with wealth land welfare etc and in return Abraham is to follow the will of God and do the ritual of circumcisiony Retributive theology misfortune is a result of Gods judgement of the ppl of Israel for not having lived up to the covenant of relationshipsnot really gona be tested on this y Exodus we see Israelite ppl in Egypt where theyve become enslaved and suffering in the hands of the Egyptians Pharol 2 major themes in exodus how Israelite escape Egypt to return to Israel marks the establishment of religious practices and traditions and beginning of a communal style of religion y Mosesl
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