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Arti Dhand

RLG Lec 3 Judaism y PantheismPolytheism y Ethicmissionary y Jewish culture wanted to distinguish itself from other culturestraditions y Monothesism was a way they wanted to distinguish themselves they only worshipped one god and other cultures worshipped more than 1 the jewish cultures said this is the god we worship because there is no other god it is just one God was beyond gender and sexuality a human conception he wasnt a boy or girl he doesnt need anyone god acts on his will like in genesis no one helped him he did on his own will y Hebrew were concerned as understanding God as a god y Nature god was the creator and he created it wasnt about a god of the moon the stars etc God is the author of nature and all that exist in the world he is utterly transcendentfrom his creation and these ideas express the Hebrews vision and belief of god y Hebrew bible old testament to Christians core of jewish faith 24 books contain the major principles of jewish culture along with 10 commandments contains festivals psalms rituals of the culture also contains the best record of jewish history that we have today contains the beginning of the world also the creat
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