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Arti Dhand

RLG lecture 2 y 1819 cent increasing number of theories on how to understand religion and religion practice also trying to figure out what is religion y Christianity defined religion y Religion was measured through the lens of what Christianity was y Monotheismbelieving in one god y Religion really begins in the 19 cen y 2 major factors were taken in forming religion in the west discovery of other culturesreligions Darwinism darwins theory of biological of evolutionboth of these were challenges and contradictions against Christianitythis caused the western Christianity to become doubtful and questioning religion y Many 19 cent intellectual ideas tried to explain religion in evolution y There were many theories in the 19 cen of reasoning logic science etc they didnt really believe in religion many were atheistssty the 1 ppl that starts questioning religion ere anthropologists y Edward Tylor believed religion was rooted in spirit worship noted how frequently religions see spirits as having control over natural forces and how religions see those who die as passing into the spiritual world saysthe common denominator among religions and cultures was a belief in spirit the did research in religion of the Caribbeans and Mexico y Animismbelief in spirit or soul and he proposed that it was simple and central feature of all religion that even the most complex form of religion develop believe animals have souls and spirits
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