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University of Toronto St. George
Arti Dhand

World Religions lec 13 nov 14Luther got kidnappeddisappeared for 15 yrs his initial protest was against church practices indulgences relics etc his real concern with how we earn to gods gracehe says u cant earn grace grace is a free gift from god and this became a doctrine of the church FS 5 solas sola means alone they come to becum the 5 pilar of the protestant church 1 Sola scripture by scripture alone we are saved the bible contains every practice living the scripture should be available to everyone 2 Sola fides justification by faith alone trying to do good deeds isnt the right way to gets gods grace its by faith alone 3 Sola gracia its by grace alone sufficient and freely given 4 Sola christus its by Christ alone we are saved he cleansed our sins he ensures salvation only through Christ are we saved 5 Soli deo Gloria glory to god alone god is the only one who is worthy of glorification and worship no human being is equivalentJohn CalvinPirutan he abolished art from church with the concern it might lead to idolatry he believed Christians shud live a strict life and that we shud suffer for our sins he presented the notion of predestination
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