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Arti Dhand

Lec 11 nov 2Old testament history of jesus4 gospels4 corners of the earth new testament testamentcontract or covenant and gospel means good news new testamentdivided into 4 parts gospels acts of apostles the epistles and revelationgospelslife of jesusacts of apostlesspread of Christianity pauls journey epistles letters to early Christians by paul epistle means letter 2 kinds of epistles Pauline epistles and universal epistles which address all believers themes of epistlesmorality and church order faith humanity good deeds etcrevelations retells the end times and triumph of Christianity very symbolic end times written by later believers of jesus jesus began his public life when he was around 20 yrs old saducees saw jesus as dangerous and found him an anti romansome reference to the virgin birth jesus ministries his suffering crucifixion but most importantly the resurrection this distinguishes him from any other prophet it was important for each gospel to have these references jesus emphasized universal love and love for god 2commandmentscared for the poorneedy was a protector of family and fam values steach gospel reps jesus diff 1 3 are called synoptic gospelsMatthew written 7580CE for jewish background portrays jesus as new moses sermo
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