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Arti Dhand

World religion lec 16 nov 23After death of mohammad st1 struggle how to retain the following that mohammad had established and how to expand it they needed to decide who was going to guide the group now tha the died some thought it should pass through his blood line ali was his cousin 30 yrs old but some ppl thought he was too young and some thought this was too much responsibility for such a young fellaso then mohammads best friend abu bakr became the leader of muslim communityhe became the first caliph political leadershipand religious leadershipcommitment he established the caliphate which was a rleigous institutionAbu Bakr lead community for a few yrs be4 dying but while alive he spread Islamic tradition nd2 person to follow the caliph after abu was omar under his reign community ventures out to communities islam spread widely with his leadership rd3 Ultmen was a weaker administrator hes accused of acts of nepotismfavours his fam etc he is eventually assassinated by rebels who disagree with his way of doing things th4 leads back to Ali some ppl thought this was the way things should have gone since the beginning some ppl suspected that he was a part of the assassination and others thought he didnt search for the criminals for the assassination he wasnt the greatest politi
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