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Arti Dhand

Feb 1312 lec 27 y Sycrontism o Brings together both an interest in scholars andy Schools that emerged in the commacura period o Common tendency emphasis on faithAll emerge around one centric figure whos insights are compelling and end up being transformative for ppl who follow himAll revolve around one single practical teachingAll have vast popular appeal go out to the public and amass a following y One of the reasons for these common tendencies is becuz of the idea that were in a Mappo age of decline o Idea that emerges in scripture in india and its around a legend in which Buddha predicted that 1500 after his death that dharma would decline and wed get into an age of distress and corruption and decline tho Began in the 11 cen o Deemed that now we are in that age atm therefore ppl have more difficulty in doing things for themselves and intellectual challenges along with moral challengesIts more difficult to practice the dharma and understand it y In conclusion we need more help in this period then ever before and this is where the schools come in because we
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