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University of Toronto St. George
Arti Dhand

Jan 9 2012 y Indus Valley Civilization o Harappa and Mohenjodaro o Culture that had a high concern of purity and pollution o Had high reverence for female deities and goddesses o Had high reverence for animals and for practices of asceticism disciplining the bodyThis could have been the origin of where yogic meditation and exercisingo Had its own scripttexts different from the vedas o It dies out wo a real reason o Today people think it was due to a drought that lasted about 300 yrs in this area yVedas o Collection of texts discovered near 1700 o Oldest textual source for hindi history is around 1500 bce 1000 yrs after the Indus valley civilization o There are 4 major texts within the Vedas o Theyre composed of an ancient language called Sanskrit o Vedas speaks of ppl who called themselves the arya Arya in sanskrit language literally means nobleEuropeans used this term to define a race which go on to be called Aryans y They were known to vanquish the past and set themselves up as the rulers y Aryan Migration Period o
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