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Arti Dhand

Jan 11 RLG 280 y Asvamedha major ritual o Sacrifice of a horse by a king who was powerful in the state o The horse would wonder around the nationWherever the horse went the king had a right to claim that land but would have to battle the owner of the land to show that the king really is powerfulo The horse then is let loose for1 yr and returns home after the yr is done o Why a horseCause of the athleticism of the horse and the power and strength of the horse y Brahmins o They were performed perfect ritualsThey put exact amounts of things that needed to be done in order to perform ritualsThey were high in class structureThey were custodians of knowledge but they were poor because they werent allowed to sell this knowledge this was also the only profession they could haveThey were in charge of performing perfect rituals so that the gods would be pleaseThey were powerful in the ritual sphere but materially they were weak y 3 major concerns around vedic religion o 1 Concern of humanity feeling alienated from ritual sphereHow does humanity
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