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University of Toronto St. George
Arti Dhand

Jan 16 2012 lec 20 y Indic worldview had 6 basic views comes from previous lecture y Kala word about time o time is always being reborno they have cycles of time each cycle is like a tree the tree is planted and it grows but eventually it dies but before it dies the tree shed out another seed and that seed starts a new cycle of time and when that tree dies it sheds another seed and it starts over again etc y Each cycle has 4 phases called yuga sto 1 phaseage of clarity purity moralityPeople here do the right thing and they are clearheaded and easily understood ndo 2 stage As the cycle evolves it becomes more muddy and impurities start to seep in rdo 3 phase Famine begins to break out o Last phaseKaliyugaReally immoralPeople are a lot more selfishIt is morally and spiritually impureDestruction begins disasters etc rdy 3 worldview samsaraFS o Understanding how this is how we experience the world we live in o We have phases and feelings of happiness then sad then upset and we feel all these emotionsAlso we feel stressed
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