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Arti Dhand

Jan 18 2012 RLG lec 21 y Continuation from last class o 5 KarmaEvery action has a consequence that cannot be escapedAnd this begs the theory of rebirth because we may experience the consequencesin our reincarnation to whatever we become y If u were a bad person youll be rebirth into something bad like a ghostEvery time we perform an action that action leave a memory in our minds and every time we perform the action again the memory becomes more deeply etchedy The more u repeat an action the more habitual it becomes and it becomes harder to get rid of the habitTheory of karma is a theory of radical free will y U r responsible for your actionsexperiences you create your destiny through your actions y This is considered individual karma because you are doing itCollective karma y Things ppl do as a group that has consequences o Ex environment problems we have all chosen to do certain things to the env where its pollute or not recycle through everyone doing this we experience the consequences as a international wo
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