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Sarah Kleeb

November 15, 12 Gendering Evil - Adam and Eve - Historical association of women with evil properties and/or a fragility which leads itself to occupation by evil entities. - The “Devil/s Gateway” - Women as a bodily force through which evil can ct, and the actual “gateway” through which all humans pass during birth. - Women cannot escape a physical connection to evil, du to their biology. - Through this association, which has lasted centuries, and which does still exist today, investigators of the concept of evil have been largely superficial. - Not only are these portrayals of women wrong, they are damaging and detrimental… - “I think therefore I am” - Men historically associated with the mind - ^Analytic, philosophical, logical - Women associated with the body - ^nature, childbirth, attending to the bodily needs of others. - Women considered responsible for men’s morality in terms of sexual desire. - If a man finds himself aroused by a woman, it is not his desire which is considered culpable, but her temptation - General association of women as sexual beings (sex = body) - “women serve as scapegoats for the evil men fear in themselves” (Noddings, 37) - Projection on to women - Possible fear over the irrational ecstasy of sexual pleasure - Even today: the issue of birth control - ^If it is permitted, the most invasive forms of birth control are women’s responsibility. - Along with sexuality and arousal, we have the taboo against menstruation – the “first known taboo” and “the curse” - Associated with demonic possession or punishment for sins and transgressions - ^Further, “paying the price for an essential evil that is part of her nature” (37) - The common beliefs that no Christian should receive the eucharist the morning after he or she had sexual relations. - This destructive power, an expression of evil in the world, was capitalized on… - Women lacking logical reasoning – instead being subject to emotionalism – women are considered to lack the capacity for moral reasoning. - This leads to fear of bestowing power on women, lest it inconsciously be used for evil. - ^women are confined to the home – a place where morality may arise, but it can do so under the watchful eye of a father, husband, or son - Women who pursue a life outside the home often had to turn to religion - ^Those who attempted would be subject to physical harm - The body serves only as a vessel for the soul - ^Evil resides in the female body, and restricts or confines the soul. - The body must reproached i
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