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Sarah Kleeb

November 1 , 2012 - Banality and/as evil - Recall Katz: - Very Ordinary Persons May Make Very Extraordinary Contributions to Evil - Eichman and Banality - Normalcy – “more normal, at any rate, than I am after having examined him” – psychiatrist who studied Eichmann - “Just following orders” - Loyalty to nation and authority - Eichmann claimed to have no particular hatred for people who were Jewish - Liberation Theology - Theology as a critical reflection on praxis (thinking through our actions via a particular interpretation of a form of religiosity) - Advocates for empowerment economically disadvantaged individuals from the perspective of faith - Has since been interpreted and re-conceived in many different denominations and religions. - Liberation theologians examine the social and economic structures of the world, pointing out the oppressive ideologies and practices that manifest in society - A movement working in solidarity with impoverished and oppressed peoples is central to fulfilling the commandments and wishes of their G-d. - “Preferential option for the poor” - ^The primary motive of theological, political, and social agendas should be the establishment of conditions which no longer leave any humans in a state of utterly helpless poverty – Working toward abolishing any and all practices that result in an abused populace. - It’s preferential but not exclusive - All of these concepts and issues are viewed through the lens of economics - Material poverty has sources which can be analyzed, critiqued, etc… - Working towards these goals of emancipation is considered one of the highest forms of service to their G-d. - Economics and Theology - Theoretical tools from the social sciences allow us to consider, evaluate, and critique exploitative systems - Marxian economi
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