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University of Toronto St. George
Simon Coleman

Lec 01 - RLG305 Material Rlg - September 13, 2011 Point 1: Implicit to explicit Point 2: What kinds of materiality Point 3: How to study these forms of materiality 1. How to study these forms of materiality How to study materiality 1. Relations btw forms of materiality 2. What people say vs what they do (word vs action) - When there are different kinds of materiality we look at the relations of the different forms of materiality i.e. Forms, architecture etc Point 4: The abhorrence of materiality In rlg context its not that ppl take advantage of materiality but try to keep away from it RLG VS MATERIAL - materiality as a distraction/trap - Point: idea of rlg vs the material - Materiality as distraction/trap Oral Roberts - an evangelical preacher “word of life” - materiality and embodiment that is disliked and central to what one does - I.e. Kiss the Virgin Mary statue or Oral Robarts bending down and kissing you -- statue would be seen as bad Multi factorial process linking lang, material, image Picture of Matin Luther - an idealization - Publicness (also called framing - Bold against this theses vs fear of change of societal ideas of that their riches would not allow for their indulgences anymore - Building vs these humble text - ML is replacing the materiality of the catholic church with his own theses - his materiality came out of a anti materiality of the church - He thought in his these up in CLOACA(on the toilet) supposedly - or - when he was walking up stairs in a church had to kiss all the stairs and something would happen - point being all these stories - Rlg matters bc is is operating in and through matter * Picture of islamic text that are person shaped as the text - combination of person and materiality Lec 01 - RLG305 Material Rlg - September 13, 2011 Webb Keane ‘Consider scriptures. Words can become written texts. Written texts can be decorated, they can be physically reverenced by kissing and embracing, they can be physically concealed or re- vealed, excerpts from them can be placed in protective amulets or burned in order to make potions, the volumes can be opened at random for divinatory purposes.’ Point 5: Religions try to control how rlg matters and is materialistic If rlg matters, it matters to people and is expressed through materiality Calvin - “Finitum non capax infiniti” - the finite cannot express the infinite - worried about concentrating the sacred in once space eliminates what the possible of the finite would
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