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Sarah Rollens

September 17 Historical Jesus Methodology: Early depictions of Jesus, is a Jonah, a shepard, sun god helius Lincoln’s theses #13 -when one is claiming something like “for our sins” can’t prove historically but we can prove historically that he died - a regime of truth (a system that seems true) There is a different explanation of religious things by those within the religious groups rather than the explanation of those outside the religious group Jewish Sources -Hebrew Bible – traditionally the Torah was put together 90 ce. At the rabbinic school. So it wasn’t a fixed Hebrew at the time of Jesus nd -Apocrypha/deuterocanonical texts – 2 temple times -Pseudepigrapha – falsely written -Philo – 1 ce. Jewish philosopher of alexandria -Josephus – jewish historian, showing himself as a good roman and jew, so not neutral histories -Midrashim – rabbinic commentaries on the Hebrew bible (ex. Two creation stories Lilith) -Mishnah/Talmud – written oral Jewish law, references to Jesus and daily life in first century Palestine, put together 180 ce. Sandhedrin 43a – Can we use anything to say things about the historical Jesus? No-because writing is apologetic They make the death of Jesus a fullfilment of jewish prophecy – apologetic, explaining why they had to kill Jesus and are not to blame for something bad -this could be a comment on a rumour, they were vilified and had to explain themselves Josephus, the testimonium flavianum: People think there were insertions by Christian scribes, Christians preserved josephus’ works Can we use anything to say things about the historical Jesus? No and yes Josephus, Antiquities 20.9 “who was called Christ” not “he was Christ” Talks about the “brother James” but they used brother as friend – but would Josephus be using that jargon. So that is why it is probably his actual brother Graeco-Roman Sources Pliny- early 2 centrury – we don’t learn anything new about Jesus but just what Christians are doing Lucian – Christians are simple folks, manipulated Tacitus – same time as Pliny, idea of how Nero treated Christians (60 ce). He writes this 70 years after. Christus is responsible for the Christian Seutonius – The Life of Claudius -not true Principles of Historical Jesus Research -Kinds of Biblical Criticism -Historical Criticism Miller – possibility versus probablility - isn’t it possible that Paul knew Jesus yes it is possible, there is no evidence to support it so it is not probable -Form Criticism- the kind of analysis that assumes stories and saying of Jesus and were transformed into recognizable forms (like parables) ask questions like why would they be preserved this way -Source Criticism – tries to isolate the so
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