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University of Toronto St. George
Sarah Rollens

RLG323 Jesus the Apocalyptic Prophet - Schweitzer first person portrait of HJ - Ehrman’s method and based on his method will observe Jesus’ Apocalyptic teachings… - Method - Earlier the better - Awareness of autho’s bias - Look for biases within attitude (ex towards certain groups) - Multiple independent attestation - Dissimilarity - Contextual credibility (historical plausibility) - Focus on context of … - Historical context - Focus on context of first-century Palestine - Political oppression - Consequences of political oppression: assimilation, attributes of colonial power, rebellion..etc - Jewish Riot during Passover festival - Jewish War 2.224-27: - Consequence of violence - 20 000 people died - See cultural tensions come to a head because of disrespect of colonial powers to native powers - Non-violent Responses - Example: status of Zeus in Jewish temple - Asking to be Martyrdom - Did not sow the ground so the Romans could not then collect tax off of them - Popular Messianic/Prophetic Figures - Identify certain kind of culture - Culture of: Political domination and subordination - Reactions to subordination are diverse - Apocalyptic World View - Cosmic dualism (world forces and chronology) - In opposition good/bad - Historical pessimism - Not optimistic - Ultimate vindication - Because of soon divine intervention - Imminence - Right around the corner/ any day now - Apocalyptic prophet as a sociological type - Earliest sources - Sources he likes to use: Mark and Q, parts of Matthew and Luke - Mk 13:24-26, Q 17:24, 30, M (MT 13:40-43), L(Lk21:36) - Passages that show Jesus as an apocalyptic prophet - Ehrman’s Treatment of Q - Skepticism about what is not in Q - Useful to confirm other sources (why he uses Q) - Mk=”the earliest surviving source” - Deapocalypticizing through time - More time goes by Christians realize end isn’t as near - Need to re-evaluate text - Example Thomas 113- if kingdom of God doesn’t come, just say it is alrea
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