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La Grone

January 7, 13 - Genesis – Chronicles (ends with Cyrus bringing Jews out of exile from Babylon). - First story in Judaism (creation) – is a story of exile. - Exile – Diaspora – Restoration - Exile – Exiled by G-d, people, G-d working through people – Forced removal from a homeland (by people, G-d, or natural disasters) - Diaspora – Through deportation, living somewhere other than Israel. - Restoration – Aliyah – being restored to the land of Israel - - The father of Judaism – He is called and leaves his home (lech lecha) - Israel - 1) Proper name for the Jewish people - 2) Land - 3) State - Q – should it be a State above all States? - - Collective memory not a collective land mass (per se) - Exile seen as a consequence for sin. - Divine punishment - - Talmud – 500CE - Some rabbis interpret exile as G-d being in exile with the people. - - Zionism – Pushing back against traditional Jewish attitude – more passive – waiting for the messiah (military commander – “fights the wars of the Lord” – Gets the world to acknowledge G-d and rebuilds the Temple). - They wanted Jews to just have their own land. - - Commandment (613) – Instructions by G-d - Laws specific to Jews - Judaism historically shaped itself after them. - How do they manifest themselves in the lives of people - Covenant Agreement between two parties, which can be broken and has a time period. - An eternal relationship between people and G-d (brit) - Special bond between G-d and Israel -
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