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La Grone

January 14, 13 - exile – diaspora – restoration - Reinstituting the primary symbols of Israel. - The Temple – sacrifice – atonement - ^Priests - Davidic Monarchy (feature of Israel that is lost with the destruction of the first temple) - Two Talmud(s)– Jerusalem and Babylonian - 586 BCE – Tisha B’av - 722 BCE – Assyrian exile and split of Israel (deported the northern half). - Priests replaced by rabbis later on - Radical reorganization of Jewish life. - Jeremiah - 615 BCE – 580’s BCE (he disappears and goes to Egypt) - King Josiah – dies 608 BCE – one of the great reformers – cleansed Israel of idolatry. - Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel – major prophets - 1050 BCE – 350 BCE – prophecy in Israel. - 1050 – 750 BCE – Pre-classical period – Samuel to Amos - Tell the kings if they should fight or not - Political intrigue and at a religious level they fought attempts at syncretism (the blending together of Israelite religion with non- Israelite religion). - They were to reveal the will of G-d – this was not their own voice. - Seized by G-d - Don't want to be prophets - Typically not associated with courts. - Unpopular (unpopular message) - Not a social crusade or political movement - They want to end idolatry and they want repentance (fidelity to the covenant) – unsuccessful. - The great conflict at the end of the 600’s is between Babylonia and Egypt. - In 605 BCE in Carchemish (a Babylonian city) The B defeated Egypt. - Babylonia finally gets control of the land thus they take control/conquer Israel 20 years later. - They deported most of the leading citizens as well as skilled workers. Most of the people of the land stayed behind. - Jehoiakim 609 – 598 BCE – rebelled against Babylonia and Israel became a hostile state of Babylonia - His son, Jehoiachin rules for 3 months (598 – 597) – the first deportations from Israel to Babylonia occurred. - Zedekiah (last of the Davidic kings) – rules from 597 – 586 BCE - He rebels against Babylonia and makes an alliance with Egypt. - Jeremiah says to not rebel against Babylonia and give them the temple – predicts Babylonia’s downfall. - The religious problem is that it is idolatry. - Idolatry – Either 1) worshipping idols/other gods or 2) worshipping G-d the wrong way - It is the supreme act of unfaithfulness. - Harlet – infidelity - Intimate and exclusive - Jealousy - 3 sins you should die before doing – murder, infidelity, and idolatry - The only
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