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La Grone

February 11, 13 - Mendelssohn - Outstanding Jewish representative of the enlightenment – one of the primary voices behind Jewish emancipation. – At 14 went to be a Rabbi in Berlin - Haskalah – Jewish enlightenment (Maskilim – enlightener/someone who is becoming enlightened. - Emancipation – Jews becoming citizens – The journey from tradition to modernity (filters its values from its past). Modernity says, it’s an open bargain. - Widespread of Jewish abandonment (not conversion but reforming). – The practice and belief did not make them want to convert. - Reform Judaism - Don't regard Israel as their home – the place they were born. - Be a Jew in the home and a man in the street – Judah Gordon - Jewish integration in society – the breakdown of the Kehilla - Mendelssohn – Wrote Phaedon - Established his reputation. - Defeats Kant in an essay contest to see what enlightenment contest. - Most of his children converted to Lutheranism. - Translated the Torah into German. - Wrote another book called, Jerusalem. - You are ought to be loyal to the state which grants you rights. – Dohm - Getting rid of Herem - Get rid of any religious autonomy. - A belief that people can opt in or opt out. - Argues for the separation between Church and state. - The state shapes relationship between human beings – both are designed to improve people’s lives. - Reward after life if you are good in this life and the opposite. - “Be open to non-Jews – things are changing” - “Don’t segregateyourselves. - Regard yourself as a German, Engliish, French… wtc….s - Preaching – Prosperity Gospel – Bring Jews in, the money for the state will increase and they wont cause a problem. - Not pushing a philosophical view of emancipation. - Mendelsohn writes in support of Dohm, a counter to Michelis. - Political Zionism – G-d isn’t going to send the messiah we have to have a land for our own. - Jews give their loyalty to places that take them in. - Berr - The revolution to Jews hav
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