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La Grone

March 4, 13 - Mordechai takes Deronda to a pub where blue collard workers talk about things – the topic was nationalism. - 4) Judaism/Jewish identity/Race. - 5) Prophecy and Transmission – the relationship b/n M and D. - Zionism relevant in Evangelical circles – The Second Coming of Jesus will only come when the Jews live in Israel., and convert. - In the discussion – Some believes Jews should assimilate, some argue for Zionism (M), he asks for a revival. (pg 455) - Giddeon’s view – pro-assimilation - Mordeccai – stressing the nationality of the Jewish people. - Gideon –Pash – (456) - Separateness, race, nationality. - It is the destiny of each people to have their own language. - Uses “Hebrew” not Jewish - Hebrew – Ethnic - Jewish - Religious - The identity of Zionism for M is ethnic, not religious. - D’Israeli – Was the PM of England at that time. - New Jewish Polity (Nation) – Citizenship, grants, etc… - He wants to go back to the biblical commonwealth. - Will be just another nation of the world. - Deronda – Italians have a right to Italy, so do Jews. - Pg 457 – Maybe sometimes in the future... - It’s genetic – you cannot get rid office. - Refers to it as a Republic – there are some separations of power - Rabbinic view – Go with G-d – W/the Messiah – you font force it. - Zionist view – Jews needed to start and not wait passively. - They both argue for Jewish self-help. - - 4) Representations of Judaism as a religion and Jewish identity in DD - The Meyrick family sheltering Mirah – The girls go with Mirah one Sabbath morning and baffled by it. - They go with her - they saw disorder, men and women not sitting with eachother. - They believe that one day Mirah swill convert. - Assumption that educated Jews would convert, - DD on 306 – Many of his peers viewed Judaism as a fossil. - Jews convert b/c Judaism is a fossil religion – worth studying but essentially dead. - Pg 311 – First full P – He got something out of the service. - Judaism lacks the fervor of Protestantism - “I always forgetting” – Mirah - All the Jewish characters think he’s Jewish. - Judaism – race/religion – how is it presented to the reader? - “I will never separate myself from my mother’s people” – ethnicity, parental loyalty, all tied into issues of belonging rather than that of belief. - Not “here’s why” – it’s her second nature. - Pg. 544 – Chapter 51 - Responding to his mother - “It is no shame to have Jewish parents, it is a shame to disown it.” - She says she was happy she kept
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