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La Grone

March 18, 13 - First Jewish denomination. - The dietary restrictions, circumcision, etc… not binding - German Jews who are not satisfied with present Judaism. - 1818 – First Reform synagogue – Taken from the word Reformation - How to best adapt Judaism to modernity. - Loyalty to the Fatherland was important – they were nationalists. - The liturgy in Reform synagogues changed radically – Hebrew removed and the language of the land was used. - Ignaz Maybaum – Radical – Went to England and made a Reform congregation there. - ^His references to Zionism - Always the Reform view – universalism of Judaism - Was to be a mission to the nation (a light to the nations0 – Teach the world about ethical monotheism. - Deeply skeptical of Zionism - Pg 202 – “The Jewish state…” - Important distinction between – Spirituality and Politics(about power). - Spirituality - Israel – State of Jews or Jewish State? - Zion – messianic - 208 – Rejection of political Zionism – Zionism as the fate of a Jew - Diaspora Chapter – - The end of the diaspora would mean the disappearance of the Jew. - Zionism is to make Jews a nation like the others. - Hess - Race - Rejection of emancipation - His book Rome and Jerusalem - A story of his education and growth – I’ve been exiled, now I want to return. - The first major Jewish thinker to turn to biology for A-S - Ineffaceable Jewish identity – Jewish blood, etc… - Herzl - Paragon (the face of the movement) - A-S – they were rational – you can deal with them – they want to solve their problem in relation to a Jewish state. - Liberalism - Internationalism - He argues that the Reformers strip out the foundation of Judaism. - “They sucked the marrow out of Judaism”. - He was confident that gentile nations would help. - His vision of Zionism is that Israel will be a secular western state - Pinsker - 1821 - 1891 - Aliens/foreignness - Any state - Anti-diaspora - Need help - Universalist - Wrote – Auto-Eman
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