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Lecture 8

RLG100Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Mizrahi Jews, Nina Paley, Talmud

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Andre Maintenay

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Lecture Judy Itwaru
- Year 135 , Jews are exiled out of Israel - by Roman authorities, not allowed back in.
- They moved around Europe etc...
- Minority community, within a larger mainstream with barely any Jewish.
- Judaism under Islam moved into Spain, Judaism under Christianity moved into Europe
- Bubonic Plague, development of Ghettos, religious nationalism <- Past Events.
- Coming up to the 15th century, there is a consorted movement to rid Europe of Jews, large expulsion
from Europe to go anywhere -> Many Jews moved into the Middle East and North Africa.
Various Cultural Strands of Judaism:
i) Sephardim: Jewish communities that came from Spain and moved into primarily the middle east, the
speak Ladino (a blend of Latin languages and middle eastern languages)
ii) Ashkenazim (Dominant European strand): European characters, they speak Yiddish (German, Polish
and Hebrew combination)
iii) Mizrahim: Jewish communities of North Africa
^ Beginning of Multi-lingual, cultural and ethnics expansion.
Judaism in Modern Day
- Protestant and Catholic = Major Christian Branches
- Protestant started with Martin Luther: A great admirer of Judaism, he was a highly influential figure
who sets the protestant movement in motion, very supportive of Judaism and argued in favour of
accepting a kinder way of treating the Jews.
- "They are blood relations of the Lord.. Exercise Christian love and friendly spirit."
^ Newer attitude towards Jews and Judaism.
- As time went on, Jews did not want to convert to Christianity - his attitude changed a lot to the point
where he indulged in anti-Semitic rants.
^ Began to say that Jewish killed children and used blood in their rituals, he TOTALLY changed.
* - The experience of a minority community in relation to a much more powerful community
- Jewish thought begins to develop, evolution of sects. For example Hasidim.
Hasidim: Movement within Judaism that looks to recover a more mystical connection within Judaism
^ Wants to approach Jewish practice through music, dance, contemplation, simpler means through
telling stories, parables etc...
-Great military general (Civic Leader)
- Figure for engaging in the expansion of the empire
- Committed to developing and nourishing an active scenic life
- Much of Europe went under the domination of Europe
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