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Lecture 15

RLG100Y1 Lecture 15: world religion Lecture-15 doc

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Andre Maintenay

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RLG100 - Lecture 15 - Islam
Second biggest religion in the world in terms of population,
consists of 1.6 billion people.
Hugely diverse religion, as they come from all parts of the world.
Most muslims are located in Indonesia, followed by Pakistan,
India and Bangladesh.
So mostly South East and South West Asia.
Canada has a population of about 1 million muslims, the U.S has
about 2.5 million and the U.K has about 2.9 million people.
Saudi Arabia has about 25 million muslims.
62% are from South Asia.
In Islam, there is one story about Abraham and his lineage, and
we have the story about prophet Muhammad.
In muslim tradition, Islam appraises its background to the figure
of Abraham.
Abraham and Sarah had a son, Ismail, muslim tradition traces
the background of Islam to Ismail.
After Sarah got pregnant, and had Isaac, she asks Abraham to
evict Haggar and Ismail.
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They wander through the desert and disappear from the biblical
In the Quran narrative, Abraham accompanies Haggar and
Ismail, into present day Saudi Arabia, and returns to his home.
He visits them regularly, the pilgrimage of the Haj is structured
around the experience of Abraham and Ismail.
The word Islam means surrender or submission to the will of
God, the total surrender with which muslims aim to commit
themselves to the will of God.
Abraham commits himself fully to the will of God, and this
represents the idea with which Islam hopes to approach muslim
Moses is entrusted with a mission, just like Muhammad, Moses
is sent as a messenger of God, he goes to the Pharaoh,
whereas Muhammad goes to his people.
Many of the stories around Muhammad, the Hadith, you see
Muhammad and Moses acting together.
Moses is often presented as the senior prophet there to guide
the junior one in how to negotiate with God.
Muhammad was summoned by God to discuss the number of
times human beings must pray to God, and on his way from it,
Moses questioned Muhammad about the outcome of the
After initially agreeing on 100 times, Moses sent him back to
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