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RLG100Y1 Lecture Notes - Sunnah, Quraysh, Monotheism

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Walid Saleh

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Quraysh means shark
Qur’an means recitation
People in the tribes used to commit suicide because they couldn’t afford to
live but Muhammad established a new way of life, Sunnah
Qur’an changed the pagan Arabia into a monotheist world
Radical redefinition of life, life has meaning etc etc
Salvation religions: our lives have meaning, we can be saved etc
Theo-centric view of existence: Humanity depends on God, rebelliousness
has to be vanquished, no heroism etc.
Islam means Submission
Man has to live in fear of the lord.
Death has a meaning, world defined by morality
People are judged by their deeds
You are no longer judged by your ancestors, just you and you alone
It is possible to save if you live a good honest life, God will reward you with
heavenly immortality
Aims of Mohammed
o Convert Arabs from Paganism to Monotheism (In the Jewish tradition)
o Establish a polity which is able to protect this new tape with the
intention of establishing a new central government in all of Arabia
o Peace based on this new faith, everyone is a brother
Conquers Mecca 630
632 He is the “master” of Arabia
Significance of the life of Mohammed (according to Muslims)
o Perfect model. Honourable pious life
o Ultimate source of inspiration
o Don’t worship Mohammed they venerate him.
o Night Journey LOOK UP
o Mohammed has such a standing with God that he can intercede with
God for forgiveness for his nation
Qur’an physicality
o The record of the revelations Mohammed received
o Scripture of the Muslim
o It is an entirely new scripture
o Codex made into unified book, done by imperial orders (declared in
the 3rd Calif), codex is called Uthman
o Divided into 114 chapters, not equal lengths
o Introduction, Fatiha (introduction, first chapter) Prayer of the
o Written in Arabic, it rhymes
o Public audience
o ***Royal Egyptian Edition***
Qur’an content
o Theo-centric
o God is one, a creator, sustains, shapes and guides life, all powerful, all
merciful, kind etcetc but most importantly JUST
o God is just, he is all about the underdog
o His followers will be vindicated
o The relationship between man and God is MORAL, not about love.
o To initiate the relationship with God unless you recognize him the
sole deity of the world
o God is all wise and he realizes the limitations of humanity thus He is
merciful. If you’re willing to repent, He will take you back.
o Doing good is the sole criteria for humanity. Injustice is the failing
of humanity.
Fundamental structure error in the 3 major religions
o They all have 1 God 1 scripture
o The body of Israel, the body of Catholics (equal), the Umma (Islamic
universality). Sectarianism is created due to the religions’ obsession
with one.
Scholastic tradition: based on university life